Vietnam is currently one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and offers international investors a wide range of business opportunities. Over the past two decades, many foreign companies have seized the opportunity to penetrate the domestic market and establish reputable franchises in line with the needs of Vietnamese consumers. As can be seen, franchising is a strongly growing business form here.

There are countless successful big brands that have come to Vietnam: like KFC, Starbucks, Baskin-Robbins, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Texas Chicken, or Haidilao. International brands offer well-trained and high-paying jobs, a focus of development for the Vietnamese government, which is in the process of loosening franchise laws and regulations to encourage encourage more domestic franchise business growth.

One of the reasons why franchising is stable in Vietnam is that consumers often associate foreign brands with the quality and reliability of premium products and services. Although many well-known brands have established a strong foothold in the domestic market, most of them are only in the food sector.

Therefore, there is still a huge and potential playing field for other types of products and services such as healthcare, education, entertainment and especially beauty care. The growth in customer demand has paved the way for professions such as beauticians, estheticians, as well as spa business owners to start a business in the beauty industry in Vietnam, especially the nail industry. . Owning a franchise store that offers the opportunity to start a business with a stable income is the dream and destination of many dynamic young people.