Franchise Opportunity

Almond’s goal is to become a global premium Nail Bar system, following international standards, and growing strongly in North American (Canada and US) and Asian markets.


We commit to developing and bringing high-quality international standards to create the franchising model in Vietnam. We are here to create an ecosystem where franchisees can join us and become proud global entrepreneurs.

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With our market experience, strategic vision, methodical international standard process, Canadian standard service and training, we bring cooperation opportunities to franchise partners. Together with us, we develop the Almond ecosystem with the journey to become an international standard global entrepreneur with 4 main steps: (1) Evaluation of partner profiles; (2) Research and appraisal; (3) Join us; (4) Store opening

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There are five key reasons that Almond Nail Bar is distinct and stand out in the industry: (1) The first is the proprietary technology that helps our technicians could create nails in a consistently accurate amount of time and time is everyone’s most valuable asset; (2) Our technology also means that there are no fumes, because there is no paint on acrylics to create those fumes; (3) he other aspect is that at every station, there is vacuum technology creating layer of protection for the employees and also for our clients; (4) Almond Palette, which is just launching, allows for the changing of the nail shape, length and design at every single service and it can last for up to 4 weeks.

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Almond Franchise system have 25 locations across Canada, and aim to widen into the Vietnam market and U.S market in 2023. Our goal is to widen the nail bar model with more than 150 locations in Canada in next 5 years. Moreover, the Vietnam's market is also our strategic market to develop this model with 5 corporate units in the processing plan to open in 2023 at the large cities throughout Vietnam.

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